About Me

Tahlequah, Oklahoma

Hi there! I’m Minister Amanda Mathes and to my knowledge I am the only person in the State of Oklahoma – maybe even the region who does what I do; especially at the price point I do it in1 With the budget conscious bride in mind, I provide an all-inclusive intimate wedding package with custom design based on the colors, style and/or theme of your choosing.

Did you know that the average cost of a wedding in Oklahoma is just over $21,000? I dont know about you, but there are a few things I can think of that I’d rather spend that kind of money on. How about a down payment on a house or an incredible honeymoon? Or two incredible honeymoons! Don’t get me wrong, your special day should be just that – beautiful, memorable and one-of-a-kind. But here’s the thing… It is my opinion that your wedding can be all that believe it or not, even stress-free without breaking the bank.

There was a time in history, before the invention of social media, when a big stressful wedding was almost necessary – at least if you wanted everyone you knew to experience the details of your big day. Now, with the capability of live streaming and multiple platforms to share your captured moments on, you can have a more intimate and stress-free celebration, surrounded by only your nearest and dearest. A day with meaningful conversations that won’t end up being a blur in your memory, and you can still share all of those special moments and details with everyone else you know. Even before the pandemic, millennials were already starting to catch on to the understanding that, sometimes, less really is more. Elopements are increasing in popularity and micro-weddings are here to stay. I offer multiple services and do what I can to give my clients the wedding of their dreams at a price they can afford, and I can’t wait to hear from you!

The Springs Event Venue on Skiatook Lake